For over 30 years, Second Nature has developed and delivered a comprehensive lineup of lawn care services aimed at making our customers’ lawns the healthiest and most beautiful lawns in their neighborhoods. The path toward having the best-looking lawn can look a little different for each lawn, so we specialize in providing each customer with options and expert guidance on customizing their services where possible to meet their lawn’s specific needs.


We combine top of the line products, golf course quality granular fertilizers, and a seven-cycle program developed over the course of decades specifically for the middle TN region that addresses all the seasonal needs of your lawn. In addition to spraying for weeds and keeping the lawn well-fed throughout the year, we will check for signs of fungal diseases, insect infestations, etc., and provide advice on any optional services we provide for handling them, or we’ll provide you with helpful hints for controlling them yourself. Our team of technicians are professionally trained and certified to be experts at delivering custom lawn care programs tailored to each property’s needs, and they’re eager to help make your lawn the best-looking lawn in the neighborhood!