It's Time to Aerate and Seed! 

Here at Logic Lawn Care we know how to grow a beautiful Lawn naturally. We belive two of the best things that can be done to create a thick, lush lawn that naturally reduces weed preasure is Aerating and Seeding. When done properly at the right times of the year you will watch before your eyes the difference it can make!

Want to Learn More?

Visit us at our website and click on the Aeration and Seeding tab or give us a call at 847-421-6500

The Benefits

- Oxygen gets directly to the roots allowing the soil to breathe - 

- Loosens up compacted and heavy soils - 

- Water and nutrients get directly into the root zone - 

- Provides excellent seed-to-soil contact necessary for good seed germination - 

To Add an Aeration and Seeding for Your Lawn

Click on the services tab in your Logic Lawn Care account and then go to add services or give us a call at    847-421-6500 or email us at